The Crew


Though the crew may come and go as needed, they will be your brothers in arms to the death. Just as long as they have alcohol to drink once the day is done.

Notable Men:
Gek Onos (Half Orc)
Ship Cook and all around good fella. While his dishes are hit or miss, the sailors never tell him his cooking is bad due to fear from a swing of his clever.

Kenny Jenkins (Human)
This young chap who recently came aboard has quite the eye on him. As such hes usually in the crow’s nest with a lens checking the waters during the day or is set to scout ahead during land missions.

Sailors who left

Elenard “Trapbait” Foeswift (Elf)
His ability to disarm mechanical devices are great indeed. As such the officers often tell him to deal with traps hence his nick name Trapbait.

“Old” Greg Thompson (Gnome)
Old Greg is an adept magic user on the ship. While hes not much of a sailor, its always handy having some spells to aid in mundane tasks. Setting fire to enemy ships is always nice too.

Nicholas Poe (Halfling)
This halfling is a paladin who claims he is forced to work with the crew to repay a dept he owes. Clad in full plate and deft at taking a hit hes not one to be brought down easily.


The Crew

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